Mr. Jason is a Kakinada -based advocate specializing in Criminal & Civil law matters.

His long experience in a wide range of criminal/civil matters has provided clients a unique opportunity in building evidence, explaining every aspect of charge-sheet filed by Prosecution, refuting every charge/allegation made in the FIR and breaking the prosecution or defence case, as the case may be.

He also gives expert advice and guidance to prospective litigants and persons who expect impending legal action against them in any criminal matter, to build up the case or create documentation which may help in future legal proceedings.

  • Arrest and Remand
  • Bail Matters
  • Anticipatory Bail Matters
  • Trial before Magistrate’s Court and High Court
  • Criminal revision and criminal appeals
  • Civil Appeal
  • Criminal Writ petitions
  • Civil and Property disputes Cases
  • Constitutional Law and Detention Cases
  • Customs and Central Excise Cases
  • Anti-Corruption Cases
  • Economic Offences Cases
  • Offences relating to Body Assault
  • Cheating and Fraud Cases
  • Cheque Bouncing Cases
  • Matrimonial Disputes Cases
  • Domestic Violence Cases
  • Dowry harassment Cases

Mr. Jason’s adherence to strict standards regarding client secrecy and adherence to strict professional ethics is a trademark. Information about clients are not divulged or discussed with other clients or third parties.

His fees are very reasonable and affordable and are directly related to amount of time and efforts involved.